Southpoint Open Space's rich history and unique features are a source of pride among the Roosevelt Island community and a key part of the Island's identity overall.  Since the Open Space was constructed and opened in 2011, it has provided scenic views in a tranquil setting as well as a space for community gatherings.  It also features two landmarked sites: Strecker Memorial Laboratory and James Renwick's Smallpox Hospital.

Located in the southern-most part of the Island between the Four Freedoms Memorial Park and the future site of the Cornell Tech campus, the area surrounding the Open Space is undergoing a transformation.  This dynamic period of change provides an opportunity to enhance Southpoint Open Space and ensure it continues to be a key resource for the entire Roosevelt Island community. 

As such, the Community Plan for Southpoint Open Space project was initiated to achieve these goals.  The design process for this project will be highly community-driven, and the input from those who live and work on Roosevelt Island will be essential in the development of the Plan.  So get involved!  We want to hear from you and we want to know your vision for the future of Southpoint Open Space.